About the Roadshow

Frustrated by how COVID-19 has fractured the notoriously tight-knit community of SBA professionals, and keenly aware of the good work SBA lenders have done to keep the economy afloat in the worst of times, we headed out to shine a spotlight on the industry, one city at a time. We believe by sharing these stories he can offer hope in a season of adversity, giving back to the industry that has given so much to us. 

“It is always great to hear how SBA loans can help a small business grow and thrive! Job well done!”

– Marty Ferguson, First Business Bank

A Special message to SBA Lenders

Why We’re Doing It

We’re passionate about small businesses and the flourishing they bring to their communities. So we created the only show ever produced to highlight the positive impact of SBA-backed government guaranteed loans on small businesses all over the country. We’re on a mission—to build community through shared story—stories of resilience, determination, and persistence that define the entrepreneurs who are the backbone of the U.S. economy. 

About Baker Lewis

Meet The Roadshow’s Producers (and SBA Professionals) Dustin Baker and Shane Lewis. They are enthusiastic about your success in all things SBA. Whether you’re a bank that wants to build a top national lending program or a small business that needs to know which lender can finance your project, Dustin and Shane can help get you where you want to be.

Dustin Baker

Dustin Baker


Dustin has recruited in the SBA industry since 2004, including 5 years as a Director for a national finance company headquartered in Dallas, TX. He is endlessly interested in people and their stories. He loves helping leaders craft, cast, and execute on their visions. He imagines himself as a partner to every client and a trusted confidant to every candidate. Maybe that’s why the managers of so many top national SBA lenders have given him the exclusive rights to tell their stories and why he is the first call for so many candidates when they know it’s time to move on.

Shane Lewis

Shane Lewis


Shane earned a Bachelors in Managerial Finance from the University of Mississippi and went to work for Suntrust and then Wells Fargo, but his entrepreneurial wanderlust led him into the world of executive search.

Shane’s a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) with 10 years of recruiting experience. He joined the finance arm of a regional search firm in 2016, and the SBA industry almost immediately found him. He has focused exclusively on the sector ever since and has become the trusted partner and advisor of several notable national SBA lenders.

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